Desolation Canyon was a location I had only previously visited during my Star Wars photo shoot tour. I had a couple hours on one late afternoon back in October to walk through the whole canyon with three friends. Because the sun was setting, these pictures don't exactly do justice to Desolation Canyon. But it will give you an idea of the composition of the walls and what the area looks like. At the end of the hike, a massive dry fall blocks your progress. It's too dangerous to try to climb it, as the hand and footholds could give way at any moment. So we climbed up to the ridge instead and were able to look north back down the whole canyon, and south towards Artists Palette.  As you can see in a lot of the pictures, the colors on the canyon walls are reminiscent of Artists Palette, which is one reason why I really enjoyed my visit to this place.  I think you'll enjoy it if you give it a chance.
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Approaching the entrance to Desolation Canyon (which is just past Bantha Canyon):
The next two photos show you some of the canyon scenery early in the hike:
Already you can see the beautiful colors in the canyon walls:
An interesting mosaic of rocks in the canyon wall a short distance from the entrance:
Brandon, Loren, and Ryan obviously enjoying the hike through Desolation Canyon:
Purple and blue are among the colors in this part of the canyon:
Loren climbed up this small rock slide to see if he could make it:
Steve stopping for a photo as he rounded a bend in the canyon:
We are now in the mid canyon part of the hike:
A relatively easy dry fall to climb in order to move on:
In these next two photos, we are approaching the end of the canyon and the scenery is getting more epic:
This huge purple rock slide is right at the end of the canyon.  Forget about climbing up this one:
This is the dry fall at the very end of the main canyon which is where you should stop:
We backtracked a little bit and looked for a side canyon which we could climb up to get a view of  what we just hiked:
I went to the highest point and looked back towards the mouth of Desolation Canyon after a 2 mile hike in total distance one-way.  In the opposite direction (not shown in this photo), Artists Palette was visible: