Right near Badwater, there is a gravel road turnoff to the east going to Natural Bridge. After you park, it's just a short walk to get into the canyon. Natural Bridge is about 35 feet above the ground and connects the two sides of Natural Bridge Canyon. There are three dry falls not too far from Natural Bridge, the last of which is the end of the trail for most visitors.  I was told that sometimes tourists get bold and try to climb up this dry fall.  The only problem is that sometimes they can't make it down and park rangers need to come in and provide assistance.  This happened at least one time while I was in Death Valley.  At that time, rangers had to go in after midnight to save somebody who had climbed up the 15 foot dry fall and gotten stuck.  Natural Bridge Canyon is one of my least favorite places in the park, simply because there are a lot of tourists there and the canyon is so short.  But it's a great place to come to at least one time.
This sign is there to greet you at the entrance to Natural Bridge Canyon:
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The gravel road up to Natural Bridge is usually in good condition:
Looking up the entrance path which leads into the canyon:
Looking back down at the parking area and Badwater Basin on the way in:
The early canyon just before it narrows down:
Natural Bridge is literally only 1/3 of a mile from the parking area:
It can be difficult to get a photograph of Natural Bridge without loads of tourists included in the shot:
Looking up at Natural Bridge while walking underneath it:
This picture of Daria underneath Natural Bridge also includes lots of tourists in the background:
Anthony walking through the canyon during his visit to Natural Bridge:
Continuing up canyon and looking back at the bridge one more time:
Eeyore wanted to get his picture with Natural Bridge:
Another picture of Daria underneath the bridge:
This is not the dry fall at the end of the canyon, but rather going up one of the side walls of the canyon.  Very beautiful:
Going further up canyon, the walls narrow down even more:
This is the first of three dry falls.  This one is relatively easy to climb:
The second of three dry falls, this one is also easy:
Next, you have to navigate your way underneath this huge boulder which blocks progress in the canyon:
And finally, this third dry fall is the end of the hike.  Don't bother trying to climb or bypass this one:
Steve at the end of the passable canyon:
Tiffany resting before beginning the hike back down: