Devil's Cornfield is just east of Stovepipe Wells. Most visitors to the park have driven right through Devil's Cornfield, which is split in half by the road. Of course, corn doesn't actually grow in this cornfield, but rather these are unusual looking arrowweed bushes.  There are a couple of places along the road where you can park and walk around to explore the area.  To find some really big crops, park near the sign which you pass when you are driving east, and then walk out to the south for about five to ten minutes.
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Signs let you know when you are passing through the Devil's Corn Field:
Examining some of the crops while walking south into the Corn Field:
We were able to find some huge stalks:
This picture of Steve next to one of the arrowweed bushes gives you an idea of how big it is:
Overview of the Devil's Corn Field, which stretches out towards the horizon:
This is a classic photo of Steve standing by one of the bushes:
These final two pictures taken by Steve were captured during a sunset at Devil's Cornfield:
And last we have two historic photographs for you to check out: