Devil's Golf Course has to be one of the most visited places in the park, both for me and all park visitors. It can be reached by turning off on a short gravel road just a few miles before getting to Badwater. As you can see in the photos down below, many of those that have traveled with me to Death Valley have experienced Devil's Golf Course, which is basically a vast field of amazing salt ridges and formations.  During a ranger program at the Furnace Creek Visitor Center at the beginning of 2006, a ranger showed a slide taken within the last couple of weeks at Devil's Golf Course. A salt pool had formed there which was 8 feet deep and 6 feet wide in a circle. He said this was a very rare phenomenon and that the Devil's Golf Course area used to be famous for being the "Salt Pools" area. When they finally dried up a long time ago, the early park service started blowing holes with dynamite because that's what visitors were coming to see. But he assured us they didn't blow this one, that it just occurred naturally and that we should get out there and see it while we still can. He told us it was within 100 yards of the parking area and with a mild search effort we should be able to find it. Well I found it and got some pictures, it was really cool. And I took a group back there in 2007 and found that the salt pool was still there.  There are several other salt pools in the Devil's Golf Course area, but they are harder to find.
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The interpretive sign at the parking lot explains where these strange formations come from:
We have always brought Eeyore with us to Death Valley.  This is an earlier version of Eeyore before we picked up a real one when we were at Disneyland:
A close-up of a natural salt arch formed by the elements:
Annie sitting down at Devil's Golf Course:
Steve at Devil's Golf Course in a photo which was taken during his very first trip to Death Valley:
Anthony excited to be here.  He really likes Devil's Golf Course:
Joe "Blow" and Steve getting their photo taken while exploring:
Charlie during his first trip to Death Valley.  He has only been here twice in his life:
A nice view of Devil's Golf Course with the mountains in the background:
There are an unlimited number of intricate designs to find here:
Our group walking off towards the south while I was searching for the new Salt Pool:
The sunlight cast a nice glow under this piece of hardened salt:
Finding the new Salt Pool at Devil's Golf Course:
This view shows you the large size of the pool.  It's hard to believe that this just showed up suddenly one day:
Looking down into the Salt Pool, it looked quite deep but the water was clear:
Tiffany and Kayla sitting down by the Salt Pool:
Steve by the Salt Pool, which last time we checked, was still out somewhere in Devil's Golf Course:
This historic photo shows how the park service once used dynamite to blow open Salt Pools when they stopped appearing naturally: