Harmony Borax Works and Mustard Canyon are two locations which are just north of Furnace Creek.  There is a nice walk around the ruins of the borax works, which includes interpretive signs and some awesome looking old wagons.  After visiting Harmony Borax Works, be sure and drive over to the other two building ruins which you can see nearby to check them out, and then continue driving through Mustard Canyon.
This interpretive sign at Harmony Borax Works mentions William T. Coleman.  Friends of mine might recognize that name because he had a street named after him in San Rafael, Coleman Drive:
Walking around the path clockwise, you first come to this view of the borax works:
There is a nice view looking down at the old wagons and landscape:
Machinery which was used for processing borax:
Two more views from up above along the top portion of the walking path:
And three views of the borax ruins from down below at the bottom of the path:
The next four photos show you the old wagons which are preserved at Harmony Borax Works:
My favorite picture with my brother Lowell and sister Annie in Death Valley:
In the distance, you can see the ruins of two other buildings.  Walk or drive over to them, to check them out.  The next three photos show you what they look like up close:
And our final three photos were taken during our drive back to the main road through Mustard Canyon.  The drive is short and easy for all vehicles:
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