Lake Manly was a giant lake which once covered what is now known as the central Death Valley basin.  While it has been over 20,000 years since Lake Manly fully covered the region, from time to time Lake Manly once again appears and makes its presence known to all park visitors.  This happens on years in which Death Valley receives a lot of rain and the Badwater Basin salt pan floods, creating a lake.  Because this is such a rare phenomenon (happening every 5 years or so), some park visitors take advantage of the reappearance of Lake Manly (named after William L. Manly) by kayaking the lake.  Most recently, kayakers were spotted in 2005 and 2010.  We were two of those kayakers who were spotted in 2010.  After we went kayaking on the lake, we had an interesting experience as we were walking back to our vehicles.  A tourist stopped by the side of the road to photograph us carrying our kayaks across the salt flats.  She was snapping pictures for like 5 minutes and when we finally reached her location, she looked at us like we were crazy.  She asked us if we were lost or knew where we were.  She obviously thought we were insane for showing up in Death Valley to go kayaking.
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Lake Manly as viewed from the bottom of Natural Bridge Canyon Road in 2010:
Zooming in closer on the lake from the same location:
Lake Manly as viewed from the bend in the road south of Badwater:
Visible here are the shoreline, shallows, and deeper waters of Lake Manly:
Finding a good location to park along the Badwater Road and inflating our kayaks:
We had a somewhat long walk to get out to Lake Manly.  Carrying the kayaks in the intense sun was not easy.  Here we are taking a break and looking back towards the road:
Finally getting closer to Lake Manly with the snow-capped Telescope Peak in the distance:
Just about to the shoreline and shallow waters now:
Patches of water started to appear along the shoreline:
Setting the boat down for another break.  At this point, I took off my hiking boots and left them behind, wading out into the salty water with my bare feet:
Now we are in the shallows and the kayaks could float.  We began pushing them out towards deeper waters:
And finally, it is time to start kayaking on Lake Manly.  Badwater Nessie was nowhere to be found, but Jaws made an appearance:
Steve kayaking Lake Manly on March 4, 2010:
View from the kayak as waves rippled across the lake:
Kayaking with Telescope Peak in the background:
Lake Manly view towards the south:
The snow of Telescope Peak reflecting off of Lake Manly:
View to the north from Lake Manly:
View to the east, back towards the road where we had parked:
Zooming in towards the Badwater parking area and tourists wondering what we were doing:
Final view of Telescope Peak before saying goodbye to Lake Manly for possibly another 5 years: