Salt Creek is a nice, peaceful, short walk very close to the main part of Death Valley.  From the parking area, you walk on a boardwalk along the creek in a loop through the area.  Salt Creek is famous for the pupfish that can be found here in the springtime.  The pupfish seem to really thrive despite the high salinity of the water.  There is a trail which continues where the boardwalk ends, if you wish to hike further upstream.  But it's a good idea to stay on the path to protect this area.  This is a good place for families to spend a few hours walking around and sightseeing.  The Salt Creek parking lot is also a starting point for some of the longer hikes in the park, including the hikes out to Cottonball Marsh and Trellis Canyon.
The entrance area to the boardwalk:
A close-up of the interpretive sign at the starting point:
The beginning of the boardwalk follows a portion of Salt Creek which is always flowing:
Josh, Robert, Dave, Alisha, and Tiffany at the start of the Salt Creek Boardwalk:
A nice view of the creek with the Salt Creek Hills in the background:
Daria catching up to me along the boardwalk:
Overlook of Salt Creek at the far end of the boardwalk.  To continue past here, you have to take the trail:
Steve during his November 2008 visit to Salt Creek:
Another pretty view of the creek, plants, and hillside of the Salt Creek area:
This is the viewing platform which breaks off from the main boardwalk:
A close-up of Salt Creek:
There are many smaller signs along the way which teach you about the pupfish:
This is a picture of Salt Creek which we took during one of our earlier visits to the park:
The final three pictures we took of the pupfish at Salt Creek in March of 2009, after returning from a long hike up to Trellis Canyon:
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