Our group hiked Mount Perry on June 13, 2010 basically as a warm-up for something more challenging we had planned for the next day.  Mount Perry had long been near the top of my To-Do list for peak hikes in Death Valley, as I have heard a lot of positive things about the hike.  And everything I had heard turned out to be true.... the views were great, the route was easy to follow, and the terrain was not very difficult to hike on.  The starting point for the hike is at the Dante's View parking lot, which is a great destination by itself.  From Dante's View (5,475 feet), the hike first climbs up to Dante's Peak (5,704 feet), then follows the ridge down, around, and eventually up to Mount Perry (5,739 feet).  As you probably noticed with those elevation figures, the ending point is not much higher than the starting point for the hike.  However, there are a lot of ups and downs along the 4 1/2 miles each way, which accounts for a total elevation gain of over 3,000 feet.  And one of the huge bonuses for this hike is that there is a trail to follow for virtually the entire hike.  I also liked the fact that Mount Perry was nearly always visible, providing for a variety of nice views of our ending destination.  Joining me on this hike was my wife Daria and fellow hikers and Death Valley experts Dan and Patrick.  We were hiking on an early summer day when it was around 102 degrees at Furnace Creek.  The elevation difference dropped it into the 80's where we were hiking, but we still needed a lot of water.  Personally, I brought 148 ounces of liquids for this hike, and it barely lasted.  Along the way, we also caught sight of some chuckwallas.
Mount Perry view panoramic
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Starting out at 10am at Dante's View parking lot in the middle of June.  Off in the distance, you can see the trail leading up towards Dante's Peak:
Early view down into Death Valley from along the trail:
That's one thing that makes this hike so amazing... the views along the way:
Looking back at the parking lot and tourists at the viewpoint:
Two benchmarks for Dante's Peak up at the first summit:
From Dante's Peak, we had our first view of the entire route we would be taking along the ridge line to Mount Perry:
Zooming in on Mount Perry for the first time (front center peak):
Soon there were outstanding views on both sides of us:
Looking past some interesting rock formations down into Badwater:
From Dante's Peak, we had to drop down over 500 feet in elevation before continuing:
Another great view of Mount Perry:
Dan coming down the long descent from Dante's Peak to the saddle:
View down Bad Canyon towards Badwater:
The trail continues down and we are almost to the saddle:
Our final destination grows closer off in the distance:
Looking straight down the Bad Canyon general area.  This would be close to the access point to drop into the upper canyon:
Always looking ahead to Mount Perry.  There were many outstanding views along the way, as seen in the next two pictures:
Such a pretty day to be out in Death Valley under the blue sky and clouds:
Daria back in Death Valley for the first time since March of 2009:
Very impressive view of Mount Perry.  I love the color contrasts here:
Dan leading the way through a short section where we lost sight of the trail briefly.  I had not had the chance to hike with Dan since a 2006 hike in the Greenwater Valley area:
Soon we found the trail again and kept following it:
More views of Mount Perry in the next three pictures:
Looking into Greenwater Valley and at the Greenwater Range.  Check out the huge shadow made by a passing cloud:
The next four pictures were taken as we continued following the trail towards the base of Mount Perry:
This was my third hike with Patrick, who has mastered Yosemite and is now working his way through Death Valley:
Approaching the infamous hogback section of Mount Perry:
As you can see, the terrain changes on the hogback section.  But it's not as difficult as it looks here.  A hiker can be seen in the upper right hand corner:
Daria looking back down the trail towards Dante's Peak way off in the distance:
Dan and Patrick pushing on through the hogback section:
Here we had to stay to the right as we made our way up and past quite a few bumps:
Daria and Patrick taking a breather after getting past another tiring section.  It seemed like the hogback section went on forever:
Next we had to cross over this field of odd shaped boulders:
But as you can see, the summit was still quite a ways off:
Looking back at a bump we had just climbed past a few minutes earlier:
Even through these difficult areas, a faint trail guided us in the right direction:
A hiker standing on the summit, as the rest of us approach:
We all sat down and had lunch on the summit.  The hike there had taken us about 3 hours:
Steve signing in to the summit register as Daria looks at what he is writing:
View west from the summit down into the Badwater Basin area:
A spectacular view of Telescope Peak from Mount Perry:
Looking straight down at Badwater Road and the road that leads to Natural Bridge Canyon:
Panoramic view to the west and northwest from Mount Perry of the Panamint Range and central Death Valley (click to enlarge):
Looking to the north from Mount Perry at some of the smaller summits:
Looking to the northeast from the summit:
Zooming in on Pyramid Peak, which is near the top of my To-Do list for future Death Valley peaks.  Ryan Company Town is also visible in this picture:
Looking to the east over the Greenwater Range:
Zooming in on Bat Mountain, which is a summit just outside of the park boundaries:
Here you can see the route which we took to get up to the summit of Mount Perry:
It was going to be a long journey back to Dante's Peak and our vehicles at Dante's View:
Finally, a view to the southwest towards the point where the Panamints and Owlsheads meet:
Daria and Steve getting a picture together on the summit of Mount Perry:
We spotted this chuckwalla during the hike back:
He climbed up on this rock to see what we were doing.  We have included our favorite picture of this chuckwalla on our Wildlife Page: