Lower Big Fall Canyon is a short but spectacular canyon highlighted by towering narrows, glowing walls, beautifully polished rock, and a very scenic 15-foot dry fall at the end of the passable canyon.  Difficulties encountered on the hike include figuring out the location of the canyon, route finding to use one of several different routes to get to Lower Big Fall Canyon, and having enough daylight to get back to your vehicle if attempting this as a long 20 mile day hike.  Route maps and GPS coordinates are not provided in order to avoid a large amount of increased visitation to this area and to protect fragile formations in nearby Hidden Bridge Canyon.
Lower Big Fall Canyon is located about as far away in the Cottonwood Mountains as you can get from the nearest road.  It is a very challenging canyon to get to, no matter which route you choose to take.  But it is well worth the effort because it is a very special place.  The length of the passable canyon from the junction area is only about 1 mile long.  But the latter part of that mile contains some of the most amazing narrows which can be found anywhere.  The hiking reports I have written for Big Fall Canyon and Hidden Bridge Canyon kind of go together, since they are located in the same general area.  The first thing you should know about Big Fall Canyon is that it has an unofficial name.  However, it wasn't me who has given the name to the area.  A friend of mine who does a lot of hiking in Death Valley off the grid to unknown places discovered this area.  He named it Big Fall Canyon first of all because of the similarity of the high towering narrows to what you can find in Fall Canyon.  And secondly, because there are several huge dry falls which cannot be climbed without ropes and assistance.  While he has used those to see the entire canyon, I was only able to enter the bottom narrows to get some pictures.  Once I reached the first dry fall, I was unable to continue.  However, in that short span of time, I did indeed see some narrows which rivaled Fall Canyon and were amazing to walk through.  For the reasons why I am not publishing the location of this canyon, please read my report for Hidden Bridge Canyon.  A couple of years after first visiting Lower Big Fall Canyon, I did return to the area and hike in from the top to see Upper Big Fall Canyon.  My first visit to Lower Big Fall Canyon took place on March 16, 2009.  My second visit to Lower Big Fall Canyon took place on March 9, 2012.  This report has been updated with over 50 new pictures from my second visit because I had much better lighting during that hike.
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