Lost Burro Mine was an excellent place to spend an afternoon.  We enjoyed cautiously walking around and exploring the buildings, mill site, scattered mining relics, and mines.  As for the mines, we stayed outside of the tunnels and far away from the vertical shafts, which are plentiful in the area.  But by far the highlight of our visit to Lost Burro Mine was our hike up to the two spectacular peaks.  First, we visited Peak 5882, which had some of the best views of The Racetrack which we have ever seen.  The view from there nearly rivals the view of The Racetrack from Ubehebe Peak.  Finally, we hiked over to the summit of Lost Burro Peak at 6,097 feet and enjoyed grand views of Round Valley, Dry Mountain, Tin Mountain, Perdido Canyon, and Hidden Valley.  Included on this report are 3 pictures of The Racetrack which can be enlarged.
Racetrack Panoramic 1
Racetrack Panoramic 2
Racetrack Panoramic 3
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We drove the 4wd road up to Lost Burro Mine, mainly because it was too hot outside to hike it.  The road gets quite rough towards the middle portion, with parts of the road nearly washed out by some cliffs:
The next three pictures show you the cabin at Lost Burro Mine, located very close to the parking area:
Two pictures of the old shack and outhouse standing behind it:
An old wheelbarrow which was used for hauling cans:
All that is left of an old stovetop:
Leftover pipes resting on the ground at Lost Burro Mine:
This appears to be either an old oven or storage unit:
Looking up at the Lost Burro mill:
Two pictures of the first mining tunnel we came across:
Steve posing with an old mining relic:
One of the many cast iron parts resting on the ground:
The next nine pictures show various views of the old Lost Burro mill.  This is probably the most interesting structure to check out:
Old barrels still filled with agents used in the mining process:
Another cast iron part resting on the ground:
The next three pictures show various mining tunnels and vertical shafts.  Caution is definitely in order when exploring these areas:
View looking at The Racetrack from the spot where we first could see it:
Zooming in on The Grandstand and Ubehebe Peak:
(below) Complete view of The Racetrack from the lower viewing location.  Click on the picture for an enlargement:
In the next two pictures, the clouds rolled in and provided some relief from the summer heat, while at the same time making for some nice photography:
Picture of Steve with The Racetrack at Peak 5882:
Peak 5882 has the most outstanding views of The Racetrack and was the highlight of our visit to Lost Burro Mine:
Zooming in on The Grandstand and Ubehebe Peak from Peak 5882:
(below) Two more photographs of The Racetrack from Peak 5882 which you can enlarge by clicking on them:
After enjoying the view at Peak 5882, we headed northeast towards Lost Burro Peak, which can be seen in the left corner of this picture:
Patrick making his way towards Lost Burro Peak:
Now standing on Lost Burro Peak, this is the view southwest towards The Racetrack.  As you can see, only a small portion of it is visible from this location:
Looking to the west into Round Valley:
Looking northwest provides an awesome view of Dry Mountain:
Looking north at the area where Racetrack Road passes through towards Ubehebe Crater.  Tin Mountain is visible in this picture:
A great view to the north down into Perdido Canyon:
Looking northeast at the area where White Top Mountain Road passes through:
The junction of Hunter Mountain Road, Lost Burro Mine Road, and White Top Mountain Road far below:
And a final view to the southeast into Hidden Valley:
Steve with Hidden Valley behind him: