Perdido Canyon had been at the top of my to-do list for Death Valley for the past six months. It was a long summer waiting around to finally get the chance to visit this extremely special canyon. During our recent trip, we camped at Mesquite Spring campground the night before and woke up early the next day. We drove out Racetrack Rd. and turned east at Teakettle Junction. After passing through Lost Burro Gap, we turned left at White Top Mountain Rd. and parked after 0.8 of a mile, which was the starting point for our hike.  We aimed for the red part of the mountainside (as you can see in the first picture) and started hiking across the desert. Soon we dropped into the mouth of the canyon and started hiking up towards the beginning of Perdido. Once we were walking between the canyon walls, we could see how impressive the area was. It was interesting hiking in a canyon with Joshua trees growing all the way up through it. There was certainly a lot to see here, as I spent quite a bit of time both hiking the canyon and exploring the rocks and walls above the bottom of the canyon. Most of the canyon is really wide, but the further up you go, the narrower it gets.  One of the main reasons we came here was to examine some of the extensive fossils which are hidden in various areas of the canyon.
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This is where we parked along White Top Mountain Rd., after which, we hiked towards the red arrow:
Dropping into the canyon near the red mountainside:
First look up the mouth of the canyon:
The next six pictures give you an idea of some of the small caves, canyon walls, and terrain of Perdido Canyon:
Looking down at my friends while I did some exploring for fossils:
The seven pictures which follow show just a small sampling of the fossils which I discovered while hiking through Perdido Canyon.  As you can see, crinoid stems and corals were abundant:
Stopping to pose by a canyon wall:
The three final pictures were taken as we headed for the upper canyon: