Rhyolite is outside of the eastern border of Death Valley, it is not actually part of the park. I included it here because it's very close and many visitors see Rhyolite while they are in the area. When gold was discovered here around the year 1904, Rhyolite quickly built up a population of over 6,000 people.  Now there is not a whole lot left to see, just a few stone buildings, closed mines, other structures, and the famous Bottle House.  When I visited the area to take my original photos, the Bottle House was still open to visitors.  These days, a fence has been built around it and access is limited.  Scroll down to the bottom to see pictures of the 2005 movie The Island, which had scenes filmed in Rhyolite.
This sign welcomes you as you make the drive into Rhyolite:
Stop 1 on our tour is the Rhyolite school building:
Stop 2 is the Porter Brothers general store:
Stop 3 is the Overbury bank:
Stop 4 on our tour shows the John S. Cook bank:
Another view of the Cook bank building:
Stop 5 is the Railroad Depot, which is probably the highlight of a visit and is shown in the next two photos:
Stop 6 is the Tom Kelly Bottle House:
As the next two photos reveal, the Bottle House is protected by a fence which surrounds it.  It's actually in better condition now, than when we first visited it a decade ago:
Stop 7 is our last tour stop, and it is the Mercantile building from 1906/07:
Silva and Steve at the entrance to one of the many mines in the Rhyolite area:
The final three pictures are of the Bottle House, when the public was allowed to get close to it and even go inside:
Steve and Dave standing outside of the Bottle House:
The pictures below are all taken from the 2005 science fiction film The Island, which was directed by Michael Bay and stars Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson.  The scenes below were all filmed at Rhyolite and are an important part of the movie.  Most of the scenes were filmed outside and inside of the John S. Cook Bank building.  Other scenes were filmed as Lincoln Six Echo (Ewan) and Jordan Two Delta (Scarlett) ran down the main road in town.  This includes the very last image, which was taken from the scene where they pass the Porter Brothers Store and head towards the Grapevine Mountains of Death Valley.  (Note: All movie photos are copyright Dreamworks Home Entertainment).
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