Titus Canyon is widely recognized as one of the greatest destinations in Death Valley National Park. Although I had taken some 30 trips to Death Valley over the past decade, my first visit to Titus Canyon didn't come until March of 2008. There are many reasons for this. One reason is that Titus Canyon is essentially a driving tour on a one-way 27 mile gravel road. Thus, I have held back on sacrificing a day of hiking, not wanting to take a day which was just driving.  However, I later realized there are several good hikes originating from Titus Canyon Road, such as Titanothere Canyon, Thimble Peak, and Upper Fall Canyon.  And after finally taking the long drive, I can now appreciate that it is a worthy destination by itself.  It was on March 27, 2008 that we set out to take our first ever drive through Titus Canyon. We took Hwy 374 towards Beatty, Nevada and turned off onto the Titus Canyon Road. After driving on fairly well graded gravel for 12 1/2 miles, we climbed our way up a scary looking road which snaked up the side of a mountain and reached Red Pass. It was quite an amazing view from there, as you can see in the pictures down below. About 3 miles later we entered the ghost town of Leadfield. The walk through Leadfield is pretty much an easy walk that anybody can do.  We just followed the trails from structure to structure, looked inside each one and took some pictures.  The story of Leadfield is actually quite interesting, learning about the lead-silver discoveries and town's sudden success and even faster demise.  Be sure and read the interpretive sign at the very least, or check out one of the write-ups on Leadfield in a book. A little under 1 mile later, we officially entered the first part of Titus Canyon, which is marked by a sign. By far, though, the most spectacular part of Titus Canyon is the narrows, which start just over 20 miles from the time you first start driving on the gravel road. Enjoy the pictures of this magnificent place.
Turning off the highway onto Titus Canyon Rd.:
The next two pictures show the scenery when Titus Canyon Rd. begins climbing steeply uphill for the first time:
The road eventually climbs up to this parking area, which is really the first place to stop and take a look around:
There looked to be a hiking trail heading off into the distance towards the small peaks:
It was quite awesome for both of us to be able to experience Titus Canyon together for the first time.  It was sure worth the wait:
The next two pictures show how the road drops back down after leaving the parking area:
It isn't long before a frightening scene comes into view.  As you can see, this is going to be a scary climb up the mountain on a gravel road:
Climbing the final stretch to Red Pass:
In the next two pictures, we are looking back at the road and scenery that we have just traveled and is now behind us:
Daria standing at Red Pass with some unique rock formations:
Zooming in on some of the rock formations that captured our interest:
The next three pictures were also taken at Red Pass, which is the starting point for a hike to Thimble Peak:
The first nine pictures reveal that the structures of Leadfield are in varying states of decay.  A few are still standing, a few have fallen, and the insides are pretty much gutted:
According to sources, the next two pictures reveal the sealed entrance to an important cave in the area:
Three more views of larger structures:
The next three pictures show another mine:
Not much left here except some fallen decaying logs.  My wife calls this junk, I call it important history:
Remains of an outhouse.  It doesn't look like there is much privacy when using it these days:
Steve posing at the Leadfield sign:
After we descended for quite a while, we drove past this towering peak of bending rocks:
Entering Titus Canyon and continuing on down to the narrows:
As you can see, vehicles driving through Titus Canyon drive quite close to the rock walls at times:
As you enter the most interesting part and narrows of Titus Canyon, don't forget to park your car frequently (and safely) to get out and see the canyon firsthand:
Looking up at the peaks towering above us:
The road appears to be headed straight for canyon wall, before making a quick right turn:
Sit back and enjoy the next seven pictures as we drove through the narrows:
Daria enjoyed scrambling up some of the rocks comprising the canyon wall:
A close-up of one of the pretty patterns on the Titus Canyon wall.  I have also hiked up to this point from the other end of the canyon in the past:
Driving past yet another interesting formation carved into the canyon wall:
Check out how close the canyon walls are to each other as we get very close to the bottom:
This angle gives an appreciation for just how high the walls go up into the sky:
Exiting the canyon mouth and heading for Scotty's Castle Rd.:
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