This Trip Report is a continuation of my Through Canyon report, as I hiked the two canyons as a loop.  It is well known that when hiking in this area, the suggestion is to hike up Through Canyon and back down Granite Canyon, thus seeing two canyons in one day.  Granite Canyon is actually a lot different than Through Canyon, especially the upper half.  The moment you cross the divide and drop into Granite Canyon, you are in a narrow wash with walls towering above you on each side.  It's really a very pretty contrast with what is seen in Through Canyon.  About halfway down Granite Canyon, the canyon abruptly opens up extremely wide for the rest of the journey.  In fact, a lot wider than it ever is in Through Canyon.  And there's not a lot to see.  But the beauty of the first half of the hike (the upper portion of Granite Canyon) more than makes up for that.
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Steve crossing the divide between Through and Granite Canyons and looking down:
This is the first view looking down Granite Canyon from the head:
In the upper half of the canyon, the wash is very narrow with walls on each side stretching up diagonally:
In the next two pictures, notice the granite boulders practically everywhere.  I'm guessing the Granite Canyon was named due to the abundance of these granite boulders throughout the canyon:
The descent through Granite Canyon is somewhat steep:
In the next four pictures, the hike continues through the narrows of Granite Canyon with boulders in the wash that need to be navigated over and around:
Looking up the mountainside.  This is magnificent scenery that is once again typical of the Owlshead Mountains:
Steve resting about halfway down Granite Canyon:
At this point in the hike, the wash opened up from being very narrow to extremely wide:
Looking far across Granite Canyon to the southern side of the wash and mountains:
The sunlight was beginning to fade away as I had already been hiking for about 12 miles with 6 more to go:
Pretty sloping hills near the mouth of Granite Canyon:
Looking out the mouth of the canyon.  Still a ways to go but getting closer:
Passing another collection of large boulders up on the hills:
Catching a glimpse of the Confidence Hills as I looked out the mouth of the canyon:
Interesting rock formations with small caves dotted the hillside:
Looking back up Granite Canyon shows you just how wide the wash had become:
The shadows cast by the setting sun had almost reached the Confidence Hills:
Finally I have exited the mouth of Granite Canyon and am beginning the long journey around the Confidence Hills and back to my truck: