Sourdough Canyon is a part of Panamint City, yet it is also its own unique place.  There are two routes which lead to Sourdough Canyon.  The main route is the Sourdough Canyon Road, which splits off from the trail to Panamint City a short distance before you arrive in town.  The secondary route is shorter if you're already in Panamint City.  Simply hike up towards the Overflow Cabin and follow the trail northwest, which climbs over a small hill and drops you off at The Castle.  Sourdough Canyon offers a lot of exploring and discovering for those interested in history.  The lost and forgotten Panamint City Cemetery may even be somewhere in the canyon.  And for the best view in town, hike the Sourdough Canyon Road all the way to the top.
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Outside view of The Castle, which is a great alternative to staying at the Panamint Hilton.  (Note- please read the Hantavirus alert found on the Panamint City page):
There is enough sleeping space for at least 3 people here:
And there is also a nice kitchen and dining room area:
The next five photographs show a sampling of the abandoned vehicles and mining relics which are scattered in Sourdough Canyon:
The walls of this former building are still standing:
This outhouse is pretty much still intact and available for use:
Most people never have seen this building in Sourdough Canyon.  But I promise you, it is there somewhere:
A rabbit is watching us as we walk up Sourdough Canyon Road:
This view of Panamint City and the mountains and mines above was taken from the very top of Sourdough Canyon Road:
This is a close-up of the actual city taken from the same summit view point:
Some of the mining processing equipment which has been left behind in Sourdough:
And this is a close-up of the city taken from another unique location-- the Stewart's Wonder Mine trail:
The Stewart's Wonder Mine trail starts in Sourdough Canyon and wraps around the walls of Surprise Canyon to the west.  It has some great views: