My favorite day hike out of Panamint City goes to the Wyoming Mine, which is located directly above the city center.  In October of 2007, I had my first opportunity to explore Lower Wyoming Mine and Wyoming Mine (the upper mine is the main one).  Before I go any further, I should mention that I have a personal policy of not entering old mining tunnels.  The reasons are obvious... there is an element of risk and danger when entering.  Some of these risks come from collapsing ceilings and walls, poisonous fumes and chemicals, dangerous vertical shafts, and other unexpected surprises.  Thus, in my history of visiting Death Valley, I have only entered a few mining tunnels but wisely stayed out of most others.  And my recommendation for everybody reading this is that you completely stay out of mining tunnels, because it's the only way to guarantee your safety.  There is plenty to see in the area by just staying outside.
Please do not enter the mining tunnels of the Wyoming Mine.  Potential dangers inside abandoned mines include unseen vertical mine openings, deadly gases, oxygen deficiency, cave-ins, unsafe structures, unstable explosives, and other assorted risks.  As the NPS recommends-- Stay Out and Stay Alive!
The hike to Wyoming Mine starts in the city center of Panamint City.  A nearby trail takes you up the mountain towards the mines.  At the beginning of the trail, you pass by these rock foundation remnants of an old house:
One of the special aspects of the trail is that there are great views of both the smelter stack and Panamint City during the entire hike:
Zooming in on the smelter stack during the early part of the trail:
A lot is visible in this picture, including the Hippie Cabin, the Panamint Hilton, the machine shop, and various other buildings:
Looking back on the trail which has been steadily gaining elevation:
And looking ahead on the trail towards the tailing of the lower mine:
Once you arrive at Lower Wyoming Mine, the first thing you see is this opening which leads into the mountain.  Inside this particular opening was a small room:
Steve getting a picture in front of the first opening:
Structure outside of Lower Wyoming:
Tram towers follow the mountain up:
Following the tube into Lower Wyoming Mine:
View from the entrance into Lower Wyoming Mine:
Back outside and looking up the trail which continues to Wyoming Mine (the main mine is the higher one):
Casting a shadow as I look straight down the tailing which comes out of the lower mine:
Looking back from the trail down on Lower Wyoming Mine, the workshop, and the tailing:
Rock foundation found along the trail in between Lower and main Wyoming Mine:
The mining vehicle seen in the next four pictures is still parked outside of Wyoming Mine:
The entrance to Upper Wyoming Mine is almost buried to the point where you can't see inside:
Very close to the tunnel, we find that the railway in the next two photos is still in place and in working condition:
A third ore car is sitting on the ground nearby:
Also nearby are various mining relics scattered around, as seen in the next three pictures:
The trail continues past Wyoming Mine and provides some nice views of Marvel Canyon (back left), Little Chief Canyon (front left), and Surprise Canyon (right center).
As the trail crosses over into Marvel Canyon, a vertical cave blocks further passage and presents a real danger (see Marvel Canyon report for more information):
Heading back, the best view is looking down at Panamint City and the complete Sourdough Canyon:
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