Panoramic of wash junction in route to Funeral Slot Cyn
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Parking spot is just off the road before reaching Texas Springs campground.  Sunset campground and Furnace Creek can be seen in the distance:
As we headed off into the wash north of the campground, we saw several campers staring at us, wondering where we were going:
For a while we followed the horse trail up the wash:
Fairly easy walking with nice scenery.  This whole area is quite scenic, as you know if you've spent any time exploring the Texas Springs area:
This is a panoramic of the junction in the wash with the Funeral Mountains in the background (click to enlarge):
We stayed left at the junction and continued hiking.  The next two pictures show Tiffany hiking up the wash:
Finally arriving at the mouth of Funeral Slot Canyon:
I took this picture of the girls entering the canyon.  Notice that Daria (right) is covering her face.  There was an extremely bitter cold wind blowing which made hiking difficult.  Off in the distance you can actually see dust storms being created by the wind:
We have finally left Texas Springs and Furnace Creek far behind as the good stuff begins:
The next four pictures show some of the high walls and unique compositions early on:
The narrows are just ahead at this point:
Daria standing at the colorful entrance to the Funeral Slot Canyon narrows:
The next three pictures show the humble beginning to the narrows, as the walls slowly began building in height:
Absolutely perfect ground to walk on through the narrows:
The walls continued to grow in height around every corner:
Wow.  You can just tell that this place is going to be fantastic up ahead:
The girls loved this canyon.  It was their trip highlight by far:
The next two pictures show examples of the rugged texture making up the canyon walls:
This spot is cool because it kind of looks like someone's hand reaching down to grab a top hat off the ground.  Or maybe I'm just imagining things again:
Okay, this place is officially awesome.  But it's about to get a whole lot better:
Reaching a major junction in the canyon.  Funeral Slot Canyon continues to the left.  We did explore the right side canyon as well.  It had some nice stuff but wasn't nearly as interesting:
Heading into one of the longest stretches I have ever seen of towering narrows in the park:
An abrupt, sharp turn in the narrows:
The narrows briefly deposited us in this more wide open area.  We finally had a moment to catch our breath:
Tiffany looking out from behind a fallen obstacle which we had to work around:
Yes, we really are headed straight ahead into what looks like the end, but is simply more stunning narrows:
Climbing up a staircase of fallen boulders.  The girls stopped at this point while I pushed on to the end:
Imagine walking through a place this beautiful and stunning.  It's really hard to believe:
Final boulder jam guarding exit from the endless narrows:
And the canyon returns to normal after almost 3/4 of a mile of outstanding narrows:
Now that I was finally out of the narrows, the walls dropped in height:
Approaching the end of the passable canyon:
The two stage dry fall which brings an end to the hike:
Steve at the bottom half of the two stage dry fall.  After this, it was time to start heading back down the canyon:
Looking up at the sky while circling through an amazing part of the narrows:
Tiffany, Steve & Daria together to experience yet another outstanding Death Valley canyon:
Steve squeezing through the obstacle to continue in the canyon:
Heading back down towards Texas Springs and Furnace Creek:
These narrows were not straight flat walls, but rather they bulged out:
A variety of light and dark rock colors on display:
Notice how the left wall dramatically leans over above the wash:
Steve getting a picture at this spot before moving on:
We could easily touch both sides of the canyon walls much of the time:
Pristine, beautiful narrows:
The two girls walking between towering walls:
Just enough sunlight filters into the canyon to highlight the beauty:
Water and wind has sculpted this place through the millenniums:
A very large outcropping of rock high above our heads:
Moving on back into more glorious narrows:
Walking under a huge overhang:
Most of the canyon walls would lean one way or another:
The wash remained very narrow and easy to walk on:
Looking up at the sky above the canyon:
This was yet another large overhang that we were walking under:
Contrasting the girls once again with the towering walls:
Sunlight shines into the canyon:
Last section of canyon before a tougher obstacle presents itself:
Walking under a boulder which didn't quite make it to the ground when it fell:
Another quick turn in the canyon:
Yet another wedged boulder of immense proportions:
Squeezing through a very narrow spot in order to continue:
In this section of the canyon, the walls and boulders got really twisted:
Light shining through the narrow opening in the walls:
Still interesting narrows to walk through quite far into the canyon:
Walking under the final overhead boulder:
Up ahead, I could see a variety of colors on display:
Definitely a very pretty area and worth hiking to the end:
This spot reminded me of Artists Palette:
A few more obstacles to navigate in the wash: