Parking area for my hike to the buttes was just beyond the bottom of the hillside:
I ended up walking through the wash next to the base of the mountain because it was much easier on the feet and legs:
With the middle butte in the distance, I began working my way up one of the hillsides:
Looking back down on my truck after getting partway up the hillside:
The terrain was fairly easy to contend with as there was no thick brush and very few large rocks:
Almost to the ridge with the middle butte continuing to grow closer:
Looking back down upon finally attaining the ridge:
Once on the ridge, there was a clear use path to follow:
The use path headed directly toward the top of the middle butte:
The terrain got quite a bit steeper as the path grew closer to the top:
On the way up to Middle Butte, there were great views of the Kit Fox Hills and Tucki Mountain:
Almost to the top of Middle Butte now, which was the first goal of the hike (about 700 feet in elevation above the parking area):
Daylight Pass Road could be seen far below with vehicles passing by regularly:
View looking into central Death Valley as seen from the top of Middle Butte:
Middle Butte was casting a long shadow along the rest of the ridgeline to the east:
Daylight Pass Road heading into the Kit Fox Hills as seen from Middle Butte:
Crossing over the summit bump of Middle Butte before dropping back down quite steeply:
After dropping down about 250 feet in elevation, the trail reaches a saddle between the two peaks with this view to the south:
This is the view from the saddle looking north into the Grapevine Mountains.  Corkscrew Peak is visible at the upper right:
While walking along the ridgeline, there is an incredible view looking back at Middle Butte:
There are quite a few massive blocks of rock located along the ridgeline:
The route to the summit of Upper Butte looks fairly straightforward from this angle slightly off the ridge:
However, when viewed from this angle, it looks a lot more intimidating:
Looking back at Middle Butte with the sun beginning to set.  Notice the nice glow and shadows which were cast to the east:
Nothing but flat wide open desert below stretching on for miles:
On the way up, it was clear that the Kit Fox Hills and Tucki Mountain were now looking closer than ever:
I didn't get any photos of the place where the trail crosses a place with some exposure.  But this is the final path to the summit:
View from the summit of Upper Butte looking west toward Stovepipe Wells:
A large wash which drains from the western side of Corkscrew Peak is visible:
View looking east toward Middle Butte and Monarch Canyon:
And finally, the view looking south toward Badwater far in the distance:
A picture of myself on top of Death Valley Buttes for the first time ever.  When I signed into the register on March 7, 2009, I noted that nobody had been up here in the past few weeks:
With the sun now setting over the Cottonwoods, this picture is taken looking down at Lower Butte:
Two years later, I returned to hike out to Lower Butte.  This is the view of Lower Butte as seen from near the parking spot:
Upper Butte (left peak) and Middle Butte (right peak) look completely different from this angle:
These are the rugged western cliffs of Upper Butte (top right peak):
There were some weird rock trails lined up that we passed by:
As we continued circling around the main DV Buttes mountain block, we had more unique views of Upper Butte (top right):
We decided to head up the middle wash (shown in the center of this picture) which divided the minor and major peaks of Lower Death Valley Butte:
Heading up the middle wash, which was relatively easy and not too steep for the most part:
Starting to get a nice view of Upper Butte way off in the distance:
Looking back toward where we started, which was just past the first small hillside seen in the distance:
Upper Death Valley Butte looks like a majestic towering peak as seen from the saddle we had just reached:
Looking over the saddle to the other side:
This was the terrain heading up to the summit of Lower Butte:
Looking back down after climbing up a short distance:
Jordan and Jeremy relaxing on the saddle between the two peaks:
View looking across to the minor peak of Lower Butte:
At that point, I decided to come back down and check out the minor peak rather than hiking all the way to the top:
View from the minor peak across to the main summit of Lower Death Valley Butte.  Since it wasn't an important goal and the terrain was steep, we settled for the minor peak:
Another excellent view of Upper Butte as seen from the minor peak on Lower Butte:
Two pictures that were taken of me on the minor peak of Lower Butte:
Upper Butte on the left and the Chloride Cliffs area on the right:
View into central Death Valley as seen from the minor peak:
Tucki Mountain far off in the distance being washed out by the late afternoon sun:
After hiking back down to level ground, we had this impressive view of Corkscrew Peak:
On the hike down, we came across this strange square hole in the ground which must have been an old mine digging:
A picture of me taken with the strange and unexpected hole in the ground which is a hazard for hikers:
Crossing over the remaining tracks of the old closed road which once passed through this area:
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