The starting point is along the Titus Canyon Road just before climbing up to Red Pass.  We parked here and immediately walked down into the wash of Titanothere Canyon:
The beginning of the canyon was a very narrow pathway or wash:
Occasionally, there would be an interesting rock wall along the side of the canyon:
The scenery up on the hillsides was constantly changing in the early canyon:
A few larger boulders have managed to roll down the hillsides into the wash:
The origin of some of the boulders was rock outcroppings like this:
The view was pretty much wide open most of the time:
Catching our first view of Thimble Peak popping up above the hillsides:
Zooming in on Thimble Peak.  These views of Thimble are what makes this hike so special:
Dirt hillsides often led up to rocky mountaintops:
So many high peaks were visible that is was too difficult to keep count of them:
A large block of solid rock takes shape high above the canyon:
Several rock arches or windows were visible from this spot:
Very impressive peaks as the mountaintops grew in height:
Looking over at a large circular area of pinnacles just past the 1st side canyon:
At times, the hillsides would move close to the wash and limit views for short sections:
More rock outcroppings visible up on the hillside:
At this point, we were about 2 1/2 miles into the hike:
The background scenery got even grander the farther we pushed down canyon:
We found this beautiful mosaic pattern near the base of one hillside:
Once we were about 1/2 mile before The Neck, the rocks and hillsides came alive with great variety and unique character:
In the distance, you can see how Titanothere Canyon narrows down into The Neck:
Check out the sharp and colorful ridges which wrap around this hillside:
Very sharp and distinct top edges along the ridgeline:
A very large vertical canyon wall appeared on the left side of the wash:
Looking back, notice how this vertical wall contains large rock slabs:
Daria getting two pictures by this very interesting and scenic wall:
Turning the corner and entering The Neck after a four mile journey from where we parked:
This huge solid rock tower is guarding entrance to The Neck:
The Neck was a label for this area chosen by the guidebook that I was using to describe these narrows and the rock peninsula which forms them:
Getting a picture while standing within the narrowest section of canyon:
Imagine trying to climb up this canyon wall on the left side:
Catching sight of Lostman Spring off in the distance:
One last look at our final solid rock wall along the narrows:
This is the spot where we exited Titanothere Canyon and began climbing the hillside:
It was a fairly easy and short climb up to Lostman Spring:
There was an abundance of thick greenery within the spring:
View through the brush of The Neck area which we had just passed through:
Alternate view of the northern end of The Neck and the hillside which towers above it:
Healthy trees growing in the midst of tall grasses:
Notice the height of this tree at Lostman Spring:
Taking a photo in the midst of the thick brush while resting on a tree:
The scenery looking out farther down Titanothere Canyon:
The largest cottonwood tree of Lostman Spring:
Looking to the north, this is the view of Thimble Peak as seen from Lostman Spring:
A large cluster of brush located closer to the wash:
Colorful tall grasses can be found at Lostman Spring:
On the way back to our vehicle, we found a "Titanothere Egg":
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