Driving on the Big Four Mine Road.  Up ahead you can see Lake Hill on the left.  A little farther beyond, also on the left are the Panamint Dunes:
Starting point for the hike along the Big Four Mine Road (or Lake Hill Road):
(Left to right) Tiffany, Ryan, and Brandon joined me for this amazing hike out to the dunes:
It is quite a long walk out to the dunes.  Not very difficult as the ground is mostly firm with some sandy spots:
Nearly to the base of the dunes now:
Climbing up the first sandy small hill:
These are raven tracks which we found at the bottom of the dunes:
Steve comparing his hand to the size of the raven tracks across the sand:
Up ahead we could see some tall sand peaks approaching:
Early on we could see there would be some beautiful ridge patterns:
Once we arrived at the Panamint Dunes, we split up into two groups and headed for the peaks:
As you can see, there were lots of different ridges and peaks to choose from:
First picture of Steve at the Panamint Dunes on January 8, 2007:
A member of our group walking out towards a personal peak they have chosen to summit:
This was untouched sand, as nobody else was out here on this day.  It may have been days or weeks since the last person visited these dunes:
Looking back on one member of our group and Lake Hill beyond:
Amazing perfect ridge lines which I felt guilty for having to trample on:
This is one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken in Death Valley.  It was framed on my wall at home so that I could regularly see the beauty of the Panamint Dunes:
The ridge lines were well defined and there was a slight wind during  our hike.  I noticed that it didn't take long for my footsteps to start erasing behind me:
Steve pausing for a break on top of the peak which he chose:
Incredible view down and across the Panamint Dunes:
A panoramic view looking south from the Panamint Dunes towards Lake Hill (click to enlarge):
Panamint Dunes view panoramic
Another great view from my summit looking to the north.  Hunt BM would be directly at the top middle of the picture, but it is out of view:
And this was looking west, which means that the wash of Mill Canyon runs through the back of the picture (it would flow from right to left):
Somebody else admiring their view from a nearby summit:
Casting a long shadow across the sand:
Another magnificent ridge of sand as we continued our hike:
Working our way down the slopes in front of us:
This time looking to the northwest towards Mill Canyon and South Pass:
In case you were wondering, we were here in the late afternoon, which allowed us to take such amazing shadows on the dunes:
A black spot on the sand.  There were black patches in different areas of the dunes:
Steve relaxing on the sand after conquering another set of Death Valley dunes:
Tiffany looking down at the tracks she has created in the sand:
One final picture from my first visit here to emphasize how beautiful the Panamint Dunes really are.  We loved this place:
A panoramic taken while making my return trip to the Panamint Dunes on March 12, 2010.  On this hike, we were heading towards the Panamint Dunes after exiting the mouth of Mill Canyon.  This was a much different approach, as now I was hiking towards the dunes from the west instead of from the south (click to enlarge panoramic photo):
Panamint Dunes panoramic
It was certainly thrilling to set foot on the sand of the Panamint Dunes once again:
Sadly, the sun was already setting so I didn't have time to do this place justice.  But I still got some good pictures:
Sand in Death Valley the way I love seeing it, untouched with no footprints:
Laying on the sand once again at this amazing place:
Two final shots of the pristine sand before hiking back to our vehicle (in the dark) parked near Lake Hill:
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