Stefan and daddy preparing for the hike at Stovepipe Wells:
Stefan had his hat and sunglasses and something to suck on (the frontal carrier) so he was ready to go:
After driving out Cottonwood Canyon Road, we parked and started heading up the wash of Canyon 3:
Daria posing in the wash by a very large and friendly Death Valley bush:
Notice how the banks rose up like vertical walls as we approached the beginning of the canyon:
We turned this corner and headed into Canyon 3, not sure of what to expect:
A picture of daddy and Stefan near the beginning of the canyon.  My last DV hiking day before this one was on May 8, 2012.  On that report for Upper Hall Canyon, I concluded by saying that this was my last hike in DV before becoming a father.  Fast forward 9 months later and here I was with my new son on his first hike:
Daddy, mommy, and Stefan together for a picture:
The late afternoon was a good time to do this hike with Stefan since we were in the shade thanks to the towering cliffs:
Looking back out the narrow early canyon:
This canyon had a nice wash for walking and also stayed consistently narrow:
Tobin took this picture of us hiking up the canyon:
Up ahead, things were really narrowing down and we wondered what was coming:
We turned a corner and immediately caught sight of a large dry fall in the distance:
Colorful rock extending down into the wash:
Heading into the small gorge area to check out the dry fall:
The dry fall is about 12 feet tall and topped by several wedged boulders:
Steve and Stefan at the base of the dry fall.  This was the end of the hike for Stefan:
A closer look at the top of the dry fall.  This is not an easy climb but there is a bypass nearby:
Getting one last picture with Stefan at a beautiful spot in the canyon before continuing the hike without him:
Daria and Stefan below the dry fall.  This trip report is more of a family photo album instead of a regular report:
Looking back down the dry fall after I made it up:
Tobin opted for the bypass and took this photo from the rim of the canyon looking back down at the dry fall and lower canyon:
This was the view as he looked farther up canyon.  He did not complete the bypass so I am not sure if it goes through or not:
Continuing the hike up canyon, it remained very narrow:
Colors on the wall which are reminiscent of what is found in Canyon 1 on a larger scale:
Spectacular scenery on display here in this forgotten canyon:
More colors across the canyon wall.  It is interesting to see how many colors are all mixed together:
Approaching another small obstacle in the canyon:
This wedged boulder can be climbed over with a small bit of effort:
Notice the layered rock of the canyon wall:
Reaching a major bend in the canyon:
Up ahead, things still were looking dramatic and spectacular:
Another small dry fall that needs to be climbed:
A variety of rock types all in one place:
Navigating through a somewhat rugged section of the wash:
Beautiful cliffs towering high above the canyon.  This canyon might seem small and insignificant compared to others, but it sure doesn't feel like it:
Reaching the section of canyon that I call the cascades, which are a series of polished dry falls enclosed in narrows:
Notice how the bottom of this dry fall stretches out into the wash:
True polished canyon narrows in the midst of Canyon 3:
The cascades section requires small climbs and small bypasses and does require some minor skills to proceed:
Reaching another impressive little dry fall:
Tobin to the left of the dry fall in a smaller basin that probably collects water during flooding:
Above this area, there were more polished narrows to behold:
Small pour-overs and easier rock surfaces to walk across:
One more dry fall which needs to be bypassed with a minor climb:
As you can see, this dry fall is about 14 feet tall:
Looking back down after we found a way up and around the dry fall:
Even more narrows up above that we worked our way through:
The fun never ends through the cascades section:
Still another dry fall that must be overcome to continue:
Beyond this spot, the narrows turn from being shallow to being deeply entrenched:
Entering the high slot narrows of Canyon 3:
A short time later, the slot dead ends at a dramatic dry fall:
A great picture showcasing the beauty on display here:
Steve getting his picture by the 25 foot high dry fall in the midst of the slot narrows:
Two final pictures looking back at the cascade narrows as we headed back along part of the bypass trail to save time:
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