Darwin Falls is both a tourist destination and a water supply for the nearby resort.  The easy one mile trail follows the creek most of the way up through the beginning of Darwin Canyon to the first waterfall (which is pictured above). A part-scrambling and part-climbing trail actually continues from there and passes around eight other main waterfalls, as it ends up at China Garden Spring (which is outside of the park boundary). However, I personally don't recommend going beyond the first waterfall because it doesn't seem to be the safest of trails. The first waterfall is a great destination anyway and visiting this oasis is a fun way to spend half of a day.
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This sign provides a nice reminder to stay out of the water in Darwin Canyon, and just admire it from a distance:
The gate by the parking area.  This is where the easy hike begins:
During most of the hike, you are following the creek:
The canyon gets greener the further you go into it:
Ryan stopping for a picture on his way through Lower Darwin Canyon:
Take notice of the rock in the upper left corner of this photo:
The next three pictures give views of the stream getting closer to the waterfall:
This is Lower Darwin Falls, the end of the road for most people:
This picture of Lower Darwin Falls was taken on a different trip:
Steve getting his picture taken by the falls:
Lowell, Steve, Silva, and Dave on a trip to Darwin Falls in the late 1990's: