The Ibex Dunes are located in the southeastern corner of the park, near the Saddle Peak Hills. You have to drive on a couple dirt and gravel roads for about 9 miles, just past the turnoff for Saratoga Springs to get there. Once you park, it's about 1.2 miles from there to walk out to the edge of the Ibex Dunes. I was with a large group who visited this area in the spring of 2006. If you come at the right time, you can spot lots of lizards and several varieties of wildflowers. It's also fun to explore what's left of the old talc mines behind the dunes.  I hope to get some more photos soon.
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On the approach to the Ibex Sand Dunes:
There was no shortage of lizards (and snakes) along the way:
As the next two pictures show, we were here during the Spring, with a nice bloom of flowers:
This is a photo which Jered took from the summit of the dunes:
Oops!  Look closely and you will see a sandboard.  Rob and the guys found out after the hike that sandboarding is not allowed on Death Valley dunes:
Steve relaxing on the summit and appreciating the grand view:
Four more pictures of the Ibex Dunes while walking along the ridgelines towards the west:
I decided to explore the western area by myself, and found this dune rising up all by itself.  The funny angle is because I had to set my camera on the ground to take the picture:
The final three photos show you one of the talc mines which I explored, an excellent addition to the Ibex Dunes hike: