On the day before our backpacking trip into Cottonwood-Marble, our group decided to pay a visit to Telephone Canyon.   We had some extra time and we wanted to check out the Telephone Arch and the water collection ruins from dry Telephone Spring.  The road leading into Telephone Canyon was quite rough, but we only had to drive it for 2 1/2 miles off of Emigrant Canyon Road until we reached the parking area.  The hike out to the Telephone Arch was very brief, as it only took us about ten minutes to reach it.  After getting some pictures, our group continued up canyon towards the ruins and to see a side canyon nearby.  The side canyon was not that impressive, but we really liked the Telephone Arch.
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Shawn getting out and stretching after the long drive to Death Valley, just before we begin hiking up Telephone Canyon:
It didn't take long before the impressive Telephone Arch came into view:
A close-up of the right side of the Telephone Arch:
The left side of the Telephone Arch:
Some of us climbed up behind the Telephone Arch.  This picture is taken looking down through the arch at Kathy on the canyon floor:
Shawn and Brandon decided to carefully climb on top of the Telephone Arch:
The rest of us stayed down below, which is what we recommend for others to stay safe:
Steve's first-ever visit to the Telephone Arch:
After the guys safely scrambled back down, we continued progressing up canyon to check out the ruins near dry Telephone Spring:
As you can see, water from Telephone Spring was once collected here:
Once we examined all of the ruins, we headed just a little further up canyon:
This is a typical wall of Telephone Canyon:
We didn't find anything interesting in the side canyon, so we took this photo of the upper main canyon before heading back down to our vehicle: